San Fran the Experience

Upon returning from the San Francisco #PRSSANC each member of the delegation was to share our experience with two classes. I picked three themes from the conference, they are as follows: Leadership Dreaming Action Leadership: In a previous post, I shared a little from Kevin Saghy’s presentation. He was talking about being a leader within … Continue reading San Fran the Experience

NFL Research

While in San Francisco for the PRSSA national conference, I had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. I was able to attend a professional football game live. As my friends know, I love the NFL! Come Sunday, there is nothing I would rather do. Don’t forget to add both Monday and Thursday nights as … Continue reading NFL Research

“Breaking Into Sports”

When I first started college, I was bound and determined to graduate with an exercise science degree and proceed to physical therapy school. Why physical therapy? Sports have always been an obsession. What could be more enticing than the thrill of competition, the heart aches from losses and even the pain associated with training? After … Continue reading “Breaking Into Sports”

Charles Darwin Meets PR?!

The PRSSA 2011 national conference invited Timothy Howard, a communication professor at California State University, to speak as the conference's first key note speaker. In the business world professionals must display some level of emotional intelligence; Professor Howard explained how to specifically translate to public relations. First, he introduced a quote from Charles Darwin, "It … Continue reading Charles Darwin Meets PR?!

Learning What You Don’t Know

I realize this sounds a bit strange. When I took anatomy at Utah Valley University our professor took great joy at throwing as many questions as possible because if we didn’t know the answer we were expected to look it up. Then we would know it and be one step closer to getting ready for … Continue reading Learning What You Don’t Know