Campaign Management in Action

bChannels works with the top 20 technology companies (with exception to Google and Apple) in the world. They are a channel marketing firm. Meaning they work within a company's distribution chain to increase marketing and sales. While I was at bChannels I was responsible for teaching partners how to use a co-branded lead generation tool. … Continue reading Campaign Management in Action

San Fran the Experience

Upon returning from the San Francisco #PRSSANC each member of the delegation was to share our experience with two classes. I picked three themes from the conference, they are as follows: Leadership Dreaming Action Leadership: In a previous post, I shared a little from Kevin Saghy’s presentation. He was talking about being a leader within … Continue reading San Fran the Experience

Public Relations = Results

It is interesting what you can learn from other industries. Although I have never been interested in restaurants and hospitality public relations, I learned a lot from Andrew Freeman & Co. While at the PRSSA National Conference we got to hear from the Andrew Freeman & Co. team members listed below: Andrew Freeman, President Casey … Continue reading Public Relations = Results

NFL Research

While in San Francisco for the PRSSA national conference, I had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. I was able to attend a professional football game live. As my friends know, I love the NFL! Come Sunday, there is nothing I would rather do. Don’t forget to add both Monday and Thursday nights as … Continue reading NFL Research

Creativity in the World of Public Relations

While at the PRSSA national conference, I attended a session where Jeffery Ory presented on creativity. It depends on which “expert” you are listening to. Jeffery presented as if creativity and strategic planning were mutually exclusive. He believed that creativity is something you are born with but strategy is learned. Personally, I don’t think you … Continue reading Creativity in the World of Public Relations