Creativity in the World of Public Relations

While at the PRSSA national conference, I attended a session where Jeffery Ory presented on creativity. It depends on which “expert” you are listening to. Jeffery presented as if creativity and strategic planning were mutually exclusive. He believed that creativity is something you are born with but strategy is learned. Personally, I don’t think you … Continue reading Creativity in the World of Public Relations

No Sleep Tonight

Sometimes a problem is solved the easiest by staying up all night and adding caffeine. It amazes me how many public relations ideas have come to me in the dead of night. Many times I feel like I am going to swim through all of them! PRSSA students at Utah Valley University are offered grants … Continue reading No Sleep Tonight

Longer Lasting Marketing

While attending the 2011 PRSSA national conference I learned the importance of internships. Talking to the big firms or corporations many students want to apply to, I found each company has“first round” criteria. The most common requirements, usually companies choose to look for a minimum of three internships or a foreign language. As a result, … Continue reading Longer Lasting Marketing