Sports PR–Breaking into Sports

When I first started studying communications with an emphasis in public relations, there was nothing I wanted more than to work in the sports industry. As I get closer to graduation, I have looked into finding a job, the competition is fierce. Once people break into the industry, they don't leave. Who could blame them, … Continue reading Sports PR–Breaking into Sports

Chicago Cubs’ Leadership

Kevin Saghy served as a past PRSSA president. Working for the Chicago Cubs, he has built their network to include more than one million Facebook fans and 170,000 Twitter followers since 2010. He is also serving as an advisory board member for the Plank Center for the Leadership in Public Relations. Other clients include Geek Squad, … Continue reading Chicago Cubs’ Leadership

“The Devil is in the Details”

As I have been preparing for the 2012 PRSSA National Conference, I have found truth in the phrase, “The Devil is in the details.” This week Utah Valley University announced that they have accepted an invitation to join the WAC. If you missed the announcement, you can watch it at It was not until … Continue reading “The Devil is in the Details”

“Breaking Into Sports”

When I first started college, I was bound and determined to graduate with an exercise science degree and proceed to physical therapy school. Why physical therapy? Sports have always been an obsession. What could be more enticing than the thrill of competition, the heart aches from losses and even the pain associated with training? After … Continue reading “Breaking Into Sports”

Charles Darwin Meets PR?!

The PRSSA 2011 national conference invited Timothy Howard, a communication professor at California State University, to speak as the conference's first key note speaker. In the business world professionals must display some level of emotional intelligence; Professor Howard explained how to specifically translate to public relations. First, he introduced a quote from Charles Darwin, "It … Continue reading Charles Darwin Meets PR?!

Uniting through passion.

Learning from Geno Church

While at this conference I had the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Geno Church who works for a company called Brains on Fire (also a book which I highly recommend)! One of the most important important things he said was that you can have a conversation on social media sites but that cannot … Continue reading Learning from Geno Church