bChannels is an international channel partner marketing firm that works with most of the world’s top technology companies. While working for the company in Orem, UT, I got to work with people based out of Oxford, England, Sydney, Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Through a variety of project types, bChannels employees work with their customer’s distribution chain to increase software sales. The types of projects the company offers includes:

  • Uncovering insights and the current state of the channel through partner interviews.
  • Partner recruitment and onboarding.
  • The use of digital marketing strategies to increase the partner’s sales leads.
  • The creation and execution of an entire channel partner experience.

After graduating from Utah Valley University, I worked for bChannels from 2013-2016. During that time, I did my best to be a sponge. I was willing to learn anything anyone was willing to teach me. As a result, here is what I was able to do while working for the company:

Driving Partner Engagement

As a new college graduate, I proactively taught North American SAP partners how to use email marketing to increase sales.

Managing an
International Team

After working on the SAP project for two and a half years at bChannels, I stepped into a management role where I managed the NA and LATAM SAP teams.

Updating the
Company’s Brand

In addition to my regular project work, I spent a lot of time working on a special marketing team where I was able to update bChannel’s brand.

Driving Partner Engagement

As a frontline team member, I was responsible for reaching out to SAP’s North American partner list. My goal was to teach these partners how to use Virtual Agency, an email marketing tool they could use to generate sales leads. While I was on the project, I learned how to:

  • Set and meet weekly, quarterly, and yearly performance goals on an individual and team level.
  • Accurately maintain account records and send targeted email messages through SalesForce.
  • Effectively collaborate and work with people in different countries and time zones.
  • Manage and exceed client expectations.
  • Create webinar campaigns to drive specific post-webinar actions.
  • Review user data to identify the next target audience and their call to action.
  • Share and apply project best practices that were developed by my teammates in other regions.

bChannels supported this project in North America, Latin and South America, and Europe. By the end of the year, my partner portfolio had the highest Virtual Agency usage numbers. As a result, my manager recognized me with the Rosie The Riveter award.

Managing an International Team

As I transitioned into a management role, I was reasonable for leading the SAP Virtual Agency project in both LATAM and NA. I had four team members based in the Orem, UT office, and another resource based out of the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia office.

During my time in the role, I was learning how to:

  • Forecast, manage, and balance a project budget.
  • Hold effective meetings while keeping specific individuals accountable for their performance.
  • Coach employees so that they could get the best results from every partner interaction.
  • Work with a program manager and director to grow the overall client account.
  • Manage and coach a remote employee in another office and timezone.
  • Accurately document project processes so that the team can access and use project knowledge.
  • Efficiently plan and execute new employee onboarding and training.

Updating the Company’s Brand

In addition to my client work, I was on a small internal team that was working to update bChannels’ branding. In addition to updating the branding, we were working to update the sales team’s pitch deck, the website, and create a social media strategy.

Although much of this work was halted when we lost the VP that was championing the project, I was able to produce an updated slide master that highlighted the company’s employees and their passion for life.

I also created a comprehensive video style guide, as we had planned to create videos for the website. We wanted to use the employee’s hobbies to explain specific aspects of partner marketing, however, this project was also placed on hold.