CleanTelligent Software is a web-based software that helps both in-house and contracted janitorial teams simplify their work order request process and track inspection results. As teams use the software to streamline communication it analyzes their performance.

The performance metrics help janitorial teams confirm they are delivering their promised service standards. Which helps teams protect their project margins, increase customer retention, and showcase their results.

As of January 2021, I have worked for CleanTelligent for two and a half years as a public relations and content marketing specialist. During this time, I have produced content that positions CleanTelligent Software as the leading SaaS software in the jan/san industry.

Each of the following content pieces was designed to funnel traffic to our website or trade show booth. Whether our visitors come virtually or in-person, I have created processes that funnel the traffic so that we can collect the reader’s contact information.

Here are some examples of my work while I have been at CleanTelligent Software:

  • In 2018 I sent a press release to BSM, an industry publication, announcing a contest we hosted at a custodial convention that was designed to drive traffic to our booth, website, and social media channels.
  • I re-optimized the solutions pages so that each page has a series of keywords and proof terms. In addition to this work, I worked hard to make sure our customer understands how each product feature creates value.
  • Before I created the initial industry “who we serve” pages, I had to develop a specific language for each type of custodial vertical. Most of this language is centered around how a specific facility might measure the ROI of cleaning expenses (also known as the value of clean).
  • For the 2019 ISSA North America trade show, I created a series of videos that announced and showed off the shoes we named CT-19’s. In these videos, I used the CT-19’s as a motif to explain how our software helps teams manage their janitorial quality control program.
  • Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I started the #HeroesOfClean campaign on social media. We use the hashtag to recognize cleaners in specific settings like health care, airports, government buildings, schools, etc. Once the contest was completed, CleanLink posted a follow-up story.
  • With the goal of lead generation, I also create landing pages that offer various types of lead magnets. The offer is either a special discount on our software, an e-book, or a copy of our latest case study. If you would like to see one of the e-books I have written, e-mail me.

Another way that we drive top of funnel traffic to our website is through blog posts that are enriched with key search terms. However, as I write each post, I think of it as a way to recognize and thank professional cleaners for the vital role they play as they create healthy communities.

To that end, as I have worked for CleanTelligent Software, I have enjoyed researching the problems janitorial teams face and offering solutions to these problems. In the following blog posts, I have outlined the challenges these teams face and explain how our software can help:

If you would like to see the results of each of these pieces of content have driven, check out my LinkedIn profile, and connect with me.