bChannels works with the top 20 technology companies (with exception to Google and Apple) in the world. They are a channel marketing firm. Meaning they work within a company’s distribution chain to increase marketing and sales.

While I was at bChannels I was responsible for teaching partners how to use a co-branded lead generation tool. This project gave me a lot of insight into setting goals and objectives, calendaring tactics, budgeting, and evaluating its execution.

Goal Management

Our goal, increase the tools usage by 25% year-over-year. At the beginning of each year I broke my KPIs (key performance indicator) down by quarter, month and week. This opens the door for teams to identify what they did that week to either hit or miss the mark.

It also gives teams the chance to set an action plan that allows them to move forward based on project demands. There is also enough freedom to try new tactics and then immediately review how effective they were.

Planning and Execution

To reach my goal, I needed to reach out to every partner in my program at least once a quarter. To do that, I segmented partners into groups based on the products they sold. When I needed to reach a bigger audience, I focused on general usage of the tool.

With that basic audience and goal division, my calendar looked like this at the beginning of the year:
Channel Marketing Calendar

Budgeting was an interesting aspect to this project. Truthfully, all of my outreach tactics were free, the only “cost” was the time to implement. However, it was this project that really taught me that “time is money.” If you spend time here, you are unable to spend it there. As a firm, we had to teach our resources/people how to make the best use of their time.


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