2017 was good to me. In terms of jobs, I have continued an upward trajectory. My husband and I traveled to Bali and South Korea. And with some discipline, I hit my saving goal. With the success of 2017, I am setting more aggressive goals for 2018.

estee-janssens-396889I remember the first time I set a SMART goal. It was one of my first college classes, they gave us a goal card to fill out and post somewhere. Posting a goal card in a place I frequent doesn’t work for me. I have to add check points to my calendar. This method forces me to regularly evaluate my progress.

This process pushes my goal to my mind more often, I don’t like to fall short, so I think about it more. This pushes me to action. When I reach the first check point I get a check mark and a chance to celebrate…usually with a happy dance. I am then more motivated to hit or exceed the next check point.

For example, in 2018 I would like to add $5,000 to my savings account. To reach this goal, I need to save $416.67 each month. After evaluating my monthly budget, I will pick a consistent day each month to make the transfer. This year, it is every third Saturday.

With modern technology it is possible to set an automatic monthly transfer. I choose to make my transfer manually because it gives me the chance to gauge my spending habits and adjust as needed. Plus, if I am ahead that month, I have the power to make a larger transfer.

Other goals for 2018 include:

I am so excited for this year, I can already see the finish line for these goals. And in case you were wondering I already have my flight, hotels and my visa for my trip to China!

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