Always keep your eyes open for opportunities to practice your skills. This summer I decided I wanted to work on developing my graphic design skills. However, I didn’t have a specific project in mind. I walked down stairs and saw my husband working on a presentation. He is a salesmen for a company that sells snow making equipment to ski resorts.

I took some pictures of the original slides and headed for my computer. I started by creating a simple slide master. Then broke each slide down into a series of icons that complemented their brand.


After I created the slides I sent them back to my husband. We talked over my design choices. I don’t know if he ever used the slides. Even if he didn’t use the slides, I got a few hours of practice and some feedback.

If you are trying to build your portfolio and don’t have projects greeting you in the kitchen it is alright to go out and look for them. You can even charge for your work. Or you could work out an exchange with another student. Ask them to help you code your portfolio website in exchange for your graphic design or editing expertise on their site.

If that isn’t an option, some companies that are crowd sourcing their creative work. Although Doritos is no longer doing their “Crash the Supper Bowl” competition, the tradition lives on through theĀ Legion of the Bold. Basically, they are crowd sourcing other types of creative projects.

Even if you don’t win, you can still show off your creations in your portfolio. If you do win, that is an added bonus for your resume or portfolio. The possibilities are endless.


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