While writing bChannels video style guide, I talked to a friend who is a video master. In one of our discussions we talked about how to capture a subject on film. I quickly realized what I learned about on camera news interviews was applicable to creating your own company video.


Truthfully, the decision of dress (casual, business casual or business professional) should be based on company culture. In addition to this guideline, small patterns like stripes and plaids can cause the moiré effect (a type of image distortion). Although there are ways to reduce the effect, it is easier to ask your subject to wear solid colors.

Other tips, hats with brims are known for casting a shadow over the subject’s eyes. Again, it is easy to ask someone to remove their hat. Glasses can cause a glare on screen and unfortunately removing them isn’t usually an option. This video can give you some tips on how to reduce this problem.

Body Language

Consistent eye contact shows confidence. Before filming, decided where the subject should hold eye contact. If it is an interview they could:

  • Look off camera (if the interviewer isn’t on screen)
  • Look into the camera
  • Keep eye contact with the interviewer

pick-on-this-240x300Another important way to show confidence on screen is to maintain good posture.

Hands. Take some time to coach the subject. Help them get comfortable keeping their hands still in their lap. In the picture to the left, you can see me sitting on my hands. I was worried if I didn’t I would start talking with my hands, which is also distracting. It was a learning experience.

Truthfully, it is important to learn where these “rules” are so that you know when and how to break them. We will take a closer look at this later on.

My last tip, remember to collect a release form from everyone on camera before filming.

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