The video brief is important because it helps creators fine tune the vision for each video. However, too much structure can stifle creativity. It is important to find a balance between structure and creativity.

I learned about their importance while I was at bChannels. I had just finished writing the company video style guide and I realized my co-workers wanted to produce their own videos. Truthfully, their excitement created a challenge, I had to help focus the messaging and goals for their video without taking over the project. I did some research and created a video brief for our company.

During my research I realized there are two kinds of questions. The first set of questions help refine and focus the content for the video. Today, most videos are 2-5 minuets long; this forces creative teams to stay on message. Here are some questions to help your team get started:

  • What is the overall goal for the video and how does it support company objectives?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • How will our audience benefit from this video?
  • Where will we film the video?
  • When will our video launch?
  • Why is video the right medium for this message? Is this concept better suited to an article, info graphic or quick social post?

The second set of questions are designed to set the overall expectation for the project. Talk about the projects challenges with your stakeholders; these challenges will have a direct impact on your final product. Some things to think about before you get started?

  • Who are our stakeholders for the project?
  • Based on our budget, who is acting, filming and producing the video?
  • In order to meet our deadline, what is the project’s timeline?
  • What are our competitors doing?

I have found that a little foresight and direction helps any project move smoothly. Remember, balance is the key; just enough guidance to point the team in the right direction while leaving them enough room to create and explore.


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