Taking the first stepToday, marketing requires a strong visual brand. There are a lot of design elements that help create the overall brand package. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think of all the brand elements at once. It is okay to take a step back and mentally prepare for the journey. The important part, is you take the first step, even if it is an intermediate step.

One intermediate step, create a mood board. This tool will serve as a brainstorm of different design elements. This is a great tool because it will help you gather and share your thoughts with the client. It also serves as a communication confirmation tool.

The next intermediate step, create a brand board. A brand board is a one page visual summary of the brand’s design elements. Please keep in mind, a brand board is different from a style guide. A style guide provides a detailed explanation of how to use each design element. The key take away, keep the brand board simple.

Most brand boards include some combination of the following design elements:

  1. Main Logo
  2. Logo Variations
  3. Sub Mark
  4. Main Color Palette
  5. Supporting Color Palette
  6. Patterns/Textures
  7. Images
  8. Fonts
  9. Social Icons

This exercise is great for creating both personal and corporate brands. It is a tool to help make sure you and your client are on the same page. Honestly, it is a fun exercise. Remember, you don’t have to include everything from the list above.

Interested in creating a brand board? Check out this link for some inspiration on Pinterest. If you don’t feel ready to create your own from scratch, Nesna Woolery created a template you can download and follow. However, The Virtual Savvy, recommends using a tool called Canva. It will let you pick your canvas size and then will let you upload your logo and graphics.

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