35254_408200168442_4250927_nMost people don’t realize that each adventure is broken into two parts. The first half ends once the climb team reaches the summit. The second and arguably the most important part of the journey, making the journey home from the summit.

The same idea applies to the corporate world. Achieving higher results is only half the story. The second half is analyzing and understanding how and why you achieved those results. The analysis is important because once you understand how you reached those heights, your success becomes measurable and repeatable.

Each expedition has a climb team. After all, no one gets there alone…unless you are Alex Honnold. But lets face it, after his interview with Oprah, 60 Minuets, the and the Citi Bank commercial, people want to see more of his adventures. Today, he continues to travel and shoot video which means someone is there, holding the camera.

Even within a team, there is a personal element to each journey. On a personal level I have discovered my courage, elegance, strength, curiosity, preparation, hard work, leadership, vision, perseverance, peace, balance and beauty. I have also learned that I have a habit of setting goals and pushing the envelope.

The tagline “Climb Higher” is applicable everywhere. It belongs in my personal and professional life. It is a creed that pushes me. It is something that lives in every fiber of my being. Which means, it is so much more than a tagline. Its a life style.

Climb Higher
“Climb Higher” is a command. Keep climbing, keep growing, keep exploring.


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