A mood board, it is a collection of patterns, images, words, type faces, colors, and whatever else you can think of that helps you define the project. It doesn’t matter if you cut it out and glue together, use a digital or even a social format. The mood board is meant to give both the designer and client quick direction for the project.

Because time is money and customer satisfaction is crucial; the mood board allows you to quickly develop a creative theme and then go back to the client for feedback. If they don’t like it then it is okay to scrap it; instead of spending days you spent a couple of hours. Because they are quick to make, you can also present them with a couple of different options.

2017-07-11 09.47.09Janie Kliever gave some interesting ideas about mood boards. She mentioned that you can create all the elements your-self. She also suggested matching specific brand values with specific design elements. Her other tip, if you can’t imagine the whole board, focus on one element at a time.

Paul Wyatt suggested taking pictures while you are out, you never know when inspiration will hit. For example, my husband rented a fork lift the other day and it left a great tire track. I don’t know if/when I will use the pattern but it was inserting.

Paul also talked about the difference between being a collector and being a curator. Because the mood board is a small piece meant to give direction it is important that each element builds off the last.

Just like every other tool, it requires practice. If you don’t have any immediate projects I suggest picking a couple of your favorite brands and put something new together.

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