Think of SEO as a friendship between your website and Google. As your website’s friendship with Google strengthens, the more organic traffic your site will receive.

Each friendship relies on two things. First, there is a mechanical side to friendship, it is governed by time, space and social norms. The second governing factor is emotional. This typically starts with common interests and over time grows into trust. These are the same principles that govern your site’s friendship with Google.

Time and Space

  • Contact information: If I can’t contact you, how can we become friends?
  • Easy to use Site Navigation and Speed: As a website visitor, if I can’t quickly navigate to the information I need, why should I stay?
  • Building a Responsive Site: Google release an update in 2015 that favors responsive sites. This updates is backed by Pew Research Center, which shows that people are using a variety of devices to search the internet.

Sharing Common Interests

  • Content Strategy:┬áIt is important to be both authentic and regular with your communication. Once people find you, keep them coming back.
  • Key Word Strategy: Include key words in your writing, however, if given the choice between key words and good writing, choose the latter. Your audience is a person, not a search engine.
  • Back Links: People validate your website’s content by sharing links from your page. Google then finds these links and “rewards” sites that have earned genuine links. Remember, you can back link to your other content.

Remember, sharing information online is the same as sharing with a friend. If you are present, provide relevant easy to access information, you will have no problem becoming best friends with Google.


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