8.5x14 Mood Board

Recent life events have forced me to think about where I am, how I got here and where am I going. It was through this retrospection, my motto, “Climb Higher” was born. Each challenge has forced me to regain balance, find new strengths and continue growing. This growth process has forced me to climb higher.

The thing about climbers, we don’t climb for the view. It is about the journey. It is about finding physical and mental balance, strength and the growing along the way. The view is a secondary reward.

Above is the mood board for the “Heather Siefert – Climb Higher” brand. Although I am not ready to run with the color scheme I love the imagery. Each image shows an aspect of the climbing:

  • The Gear – Mother Nature although beautiful isn’t always predictable; your preparation is crucial, your gear could be the difference between life and death.
  • The Journey – The rock doesn’t change because you want it to. You have to put in the work to be strong and flexibility enough both physically and mentally to beat it.
  • The Reward – The biggest reward in climbing is knowing that you met and beat the challenge. Remember, the view is secondary.

As I have thought about my career, I have identified three skills or tools I would like to add to my bag, they are:

  1. Web development and SEO
  2. Copy writing
  3. Design

Today, they represent a journey of learning and discovery. Tomorrow, they represent the gear I need to both enjoy and survive the rest of the journey.

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