“Home Town Hero” Night

While at bChannels I learned that when you take a new role, you need to have at least some idea of the action you will take in the first 90-days. Additionally each action needs to tie back to a business goal. When you switch companies it isn’t quite that strait forward; that is why research before the interview is important. This way when you get to the interview you can ask relevant questions.

I recently interviewed at the Utah Olympic Park for the marketing manager position. In preparation for my interview I looked at the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation’s goals. (The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation has three facilities under it, one of which is the Utah Olympic Park.) I also wanted to better understand their voice on their blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I then took the content they produced in August and plugged it into my content calendar. What may seem like a strange exercise, it helped me figure out their posting frequency, what they like to talk about, and how they interact with their audience.

After my interview, I looked at the Utah Olympic Park’s remaining 2016 events.


As you can see, they have a lot going on next month with the International Bobsled and Skeleton Federation. When I saw that one of the final days of competition lands on Veterans Day, I got an idea! One or even two nights during the competition we could hold an event called, “Home Town Hero’s Night.”

It showcases the operation of one of the Olympic Legacy Facilities. It educates and excites the community around winter sports in a unique Utah tradition. And this event recognizes and honors like minded people, after all, Olympic athletes and veterans represent the USA.

Reaching “Home Town Heroes”

I would start by reaching out to the Utah American Legion. Not only could they help us spread the word about the event, they could contribute their ideas on how to make the event more relevant for their members. After all, the odds are good that they already have some initiatives planned for Veterans Day. It would also be worth reaching out to the local ROTC programs and military bases to at least get the word out.

Showcasing the Athletes

According to the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation website we have some athletes coming home to compete:

It is easy to include these individuals because of their local connection. I think it is important to include as much of the USA bobsled and skeleton team as possible because they also work hard to represent our country.However, I understand that we need to respect the athlete’s need to stay focused during the competition. I need some guidance here, you know what works best.

On that note, it sounds like It would also be good to invite Noelle Pikus-Pace to the event since she is also a fairly well known “Home Town Hero.” The only trouble, I can’t tell if she is retired…

The Contingent

I don’t know if this event will be:

  • An event so we can narrow down our own team for this year’s world cup circuit.
  • A private meet between the US and Canada, after all it is “North America’s Cup”
  • A warm up event that anyone is invited to before the world cup circuit begins.
  • Or something else all together.

Bottom line, the event description on the Utah Olympic park’s website shows that this is still a IBSF Bobsled and Skeleton sanctioned event. I don’t know how appropriate it is to be this pro USA. Either way, I am really interested to hear your feedback.

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