pexels-photo-47426Corporate Alliance is a company founded in Provo, UT. Their strength, helping business people learn how to network correctly. I just finished their book “The City of Influence A Business Tale.” It reads like “A Christmas Carol.”

The relationship keys are concepts we have been practicing since we first started interacting with other people. The trouble is in their presentation of their keys. Some of the titles need an explanation before you understand what the key is. I have listed and briefly explained each one.

  • Relationship Key 1: Exit the Coliseum—when your business is fighting for its life, it is a natural idea to look for ways to increase revenue from existing customers. How you accomplish this will seal your business’ fate.
  • Relationship Key 2: Decide to Govern—if you think of your network like a city, you are the mayor. As you actively take care of your network it will grow, more people will visit, and more people will move in.
  • Relationship Key 3: Recognize that Bricks Trump—when a consumer is choosing who to buy from, if price and product performance are equal, they are going to buy from someone they know. People like doing business with people they are familiar with.
  • Relationship Key 4: Relationship Arrogance—people are like books, you can’t judge either by its appearance. Everyone can add value to your life, it is impossible to judge what that value is until you establish a relationship.
  • Relationship Key 5: Develop Relationships Just Because—meeting new people can be difficult but if you think of this skill as a muscle, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.
  • Relationship Key 6: Learn. Serve. Grow.—as you learn about people, forget yourself and think about ways you can serve them. Each time you complete this cycle, your relationship will grow stronger.
  • Relationship Key 7: Swim in Pools—we are not robots, we like to go do things. Over the years I have learned that you can get to know someone anywhere. But when you find an activity you both love, you will learn even more about them. This also takes the work pressure off so people are not quite as stiff…usually.
  • Relationship Key 8: Measure Influence—it is time to be honest with yourself, how well do you really know the individual in question. Based on your current relationship, if you needed help what could you ask them for? If the answer is nothing, then there is room to grow.
  • Relationship Key 9: Establish Relationship Laws and Systems—as you build your city of influence, you decide how you interact with each person. You also get to influence how they interact with each other.

The value of this book is to remember your business is based on people. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) company. It takes people to push your company forward, therefore we are all really P2P (people to people) companies.

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