No, B2B itself is alive and kicking, it’s the name that is really dead. When you visualize B2B what does that look like in your head?

In your minds eye, what do you see when you hear B2B? Marketers have drawn one business building
In your minds eye, what do you see when you hear B2B? Marketers have drawn one business building “talking” to another.

Understand that businesses are made up of people. If you think of B2B communications or sales as one business building doing business with another, odds are, it will not end well. After all, buildings can’t talk. However, what fills each building? PEOPLE!

You may talk to one person, but that one person has influence. Influence over if and how they spread your “good news” through the organization. If the story is told, and retold, eventually it will reach the ears of someone with power and budget.

What did I just describe? It is a word of mouth (WOM) movement. The idea spreads like a wildfire or lit candles at a candlelight vigil. One of my favorite marketing books of all time is called Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements.

Why does passion spread like fire? Think about the last time you talked to a friend about something you were passionate about. What was your tone of voice like? How did your body language reflect your passion? This was most likely complimented by a spark in your eyes. The better question is how could that spark do anything but spread? The spark only increases when you find someone that feels exactly like you.

It is no secret, times are tough for businesses. The Brains on Fire authors point out “When you’re fighting for your life, you’re a lot more willing to listen—to your customers and to your employees. Listen for advice on how to become a part of something that’s bigger than you. That’s where movements start: by listening.” I think that is the spark for the entrepreneur and a leader. They have an ability to sense a need to stand up and create.

This week LinkedIn published a series called #BetheBoss. Business leaders all over the world shared their stories and advise. An online discussion that brings people together to listen, learn and share is a movement.

These articles are about topics I am passionate about. Check them out and see what you think. Please share what you’re passionate about below.

Lead on.

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