You can see it has been a while since I have posted any content. In fact, this blog was originally set up for a school assignment. During the last two years I have intended to come back to it but starting a career is hard work and I needed the break. So why have I started writing again now?

Two years into my career, I have:

  • Worked a lot of hours
  • Read a lot about business and leadership
  • Learned about God the Father and his son Jesus Christ
  • Weathered some storms and became stronger because of it
The caterpillar is the ultimate symbol for change.
The caterpillar is the ultimate symbol for change.

The truth, I am still a growing caterpillar. I am in transition, I can feel it. I am learning how to change into butterfly. Maybe something I have learned along the way can help someone else’s growing pain. Maybe a shared comment changes my perspective and eases my growing pains.

Every area of my life is affected by this growth. I feel myself becoming a personal leader in my own life. I feel confidence growing and it is showing in all of my personal, professional and spiritual relationships. I have notice that some disciples of Christ try to segment their life into school, work, family, play and church. I get it, I have been there but my belief in God, and his son Jesus Christ influences everything I do.

The scriptures teach us in Luke 6:31 “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also unto them likewise.” Schools teach this as the “golden rule.” We are told not to bring religion into school or the work place but this rule informs the way I work. I give an honest day’s work for an honest days pay. Other religions believe in karma which relies on the same principle. Send good into the universe and receive more good. Isn’t this the kind of society we want to get back to living in?

So how do we start? As an individual, you have to decide to start with yourself. Spending time looking at the history books wishing things were different is not going to change the past. It can however show us places and ways we can make better choices. Today, let it influence the way you treat people at work. Think about the next election, which officials do you think will keep their word? Are you going to watch them and let them know when the cross the line?

In starting as personal leaders we can grow to become leaders of others. The scale doesn’t matter, what matters is we put our best foot forward. That is how we change from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

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