The backdrop found within the main conference hall. We had just been awarded Star Chapter.

Upon returning from the San Francisco #PRSSANC each member of the delegation was to share our experience with two classes. I picked three themes from the conference, they are as follows:

  • Leadership
  • Dreaming
  • Action


In a previous post, I shared a little from Kevin Saghy’s presentation. He was talking about being a leader within your organization. I would also like to point out that all public relation practitioners are leaders. For one, we are crafting much of the communication within our communities. That means, we must be honest and transparent with the public. We talk of team members understanding how their contributions fit into the big picture; public relations practitioners must provide materials for our brand evangelist.

When working with a team or the public, people like to know you are listening. As a leader, I have found that when working with a team, ideas become better! Ideas become developed and morph into something entirely different. Dr. Stephen R. Covey described this as synergy. When you or the company you are representing makes a mistake, it is best to own up to it right away. Don’t point fingers, it never works out well. Remember to say “Thank you.” It is amazing what results a simple thank you can bring, if you don’t believe me, go try it.


Everyone has dreams. If you have a dream field or organization you want to work in, then you better work to make it happen. It isn’t just going to drop in your lap. For me, I would love to work somewhere within the NFL. I have already talked about the “Breaking into Sports” session but what they said, can be applied anywhere. If you want something, you have to start something. Start by creating a campaign or writing something. Then use that to land an internship. But whatever you do, please be willing to “accept the grind.” The only way to get higher within an organization is to work your way up. Most people hear about working their way up and think about stepping on toes. I know it doesn’t have to be that way, so don’t let it. The practice of public relations revolves around people and relationships.


Once you have a dream and the tools to go after the dream you must take action. As public relations practitioners we usually start by researching the problem or opportunity. From there we develop a plan of action (usually includes our strategy, tactics, calendar and budget). Next, we implement and evaluate. If something isn’t working then we must change our tactic.

When we got home, I started researching local companies that are offering internships. I have also started looking at the standard of living in various states. This is so I can start looking for my first job after college. Although my dream is the NFL, I have to create a backup plan because just like athletes, there are many communication and business people who would also like to work for the NFL.

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