It is interesting what you can learn from other industries. Although I have never been interested in restaurants and hospitality public relations, I learned a lot from Andrew Freeman & Co. While at the PRSSA National Conference we got to hear from the Andrew Freeman & Co. team members listed below:

  • Andrew Freeman, President
  • Casey Barks, Account Manager
  • Monica Powers, Account Coordinator

When working with clients, they don’t care about “We tried.” They pay for results. In the restaurants and hospitality industry the ultimate measure is “Heads in beds. Buts in seats.” Although it is nice to present the number of media impressions made by a press release, it is hard to tie this measure to the client’s bottom line

This is a similar measure for sports public relations/marketing; if fans don’t have “their buts in seats,” our job is not done. This job is becoming more challenging because the television experience is good, and mostly free. (As a college student I choose not to purchase cable. To get Monday and Thursday night football I go to the gym. Two birds, one stone.) If this is becoming the reality, how are we going to encourage fans to fight traffic and the elements to come see the game? (Answers to this question will come in later blog posts.)

During this breakout session, the team of presenters did a wonderful job of talking about how the world of public relations is changing. Imagine the following table as a venn diagram. Keep in mind that the tactics used yesterday are not yet obsolete.

Venn Diagram

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