My first live football game. Really the best day of my life!

While in San Francisco for the PRSSA national conference, I had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. I was able to attend a professional football game live. As my friends know, I love the NFL! Come Sunday, there is nothing I would rather do. Don’t forget to add both Monday and Thursday nights as well!

My Journey

Ever since I switched my major from exercise science to communications, I have been adamant about working in the sports industry. Between the “Breaking into Sports” breakout session, my first live NFL game and the career development exhibition I realized that I needed to start looking into jobs within the NFL.

As I have been home, I have been working to correct this situation. Without knowing where to start I looked up “NFL Jobs.” I clicked on the first result To my dismay, the junior rotational program application date had passed. Who knew they had such programs? Basically the two years following graduation you are able to work on project based assignments from various departments. The deadline had passed for this year. Worst news yet, however, I had a feeling to look up the program once again. I found that I had two days to turn in my application.

Not going to lie, this was the first application where I had to write four essays. They were not fluffy easy essays; I had to answer in 1,200 characters (including spaces) or less. The hardest question was “Describe one thing about the NFL’s business model you would change and why.” The NFL has one of the best business models in the United States! What was I supposed to change?!

So I started to research. I did not limit myself to secondary, believe me, I asked all kinds of NFL fans. I also studied the 60 Minutes segment done last January. You can still find some of the segments from the NFL Commissioner: Roger Goodell online.

I spent most of the weekend preparing this application. I hope this works out!

Learn From My Mistake

If you have a dream, start making it happen today. Set time aside each week to research your dream industry.  If you know you want to work for a PR firm, research their clients, case studies and even their staff if the lists are available. This way you will not rely on an application extension.

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