When I first started studying communications with an emphasis in public relations, there was nothing I wanted more than to work in the sports industry. As I get closer to graduation, I have looked into finding a job, the competition is fierce. Once people break into the industry, they don’t leave. Who could blame them, they have what we all want. After attending PRSSANC’s breakout session, breaking into sports, I feel more confident. I think I could actually land a job working with football players.

Before I came to conference I started looking at different way to stay involved in football, if I couldn’t find a job working directly for a franchise or the NFL itself. Here are some categories I came up with:

  • NCAA
  • NCAA Conferences →WAC, Pack 12 etc.
  • Sporting Goods Retailers or Manufactures→ Big 5 or Nike
  • College/University Athletic Departments
  • Pre-Game Shows

Nima Zarrabi, director of marketing/public relations at REP1 sports and Andrew Nicholson, director of new media for the Sacramento Kings talked about their journey into the world of professional sports. They made it clear that we need to be comfortable with working our way up and to never be uncomfortable doing a job that is “below you.” If your dream is to work in sports, it is alright to have another part-time job. Do what you need to support yourself while making your dream become reality. Today you can start working toward you dreams by:

  • Writing
  • Creating and implementing strategic communication plans
  • Practice story telling→ Try retelling the story of “The 12th man”
  • Internships
  • Attend and participate in PRSSA and PRSA functions

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