As I have been preparing for the 2012 PRSSA National Conference, I have found truth in the phrase, “The Devil is in the details.” This week Utah Valley University announced that they have accepted an invitation to join the WAC. If you missed the announcement, you can watch it at

It was not until I attend the live press conference that I appreciated all the little details. Details like selecting the location, backdrop, giveaways, banners to unveil and even the location of the fight song. But don’t forget the reason everyone has gathered, public relations practitioners must also prepare their speaker.

Someone from Athletics and the Marketing and Communications Department probably spent some time preparing a statement for both Michael Jacobsen and President Matthew Holland. There is a balance to preparing for any type of event. Are you going to spend your time accounting for little details and let the main point of the event slide? No, but it is scary how easy that would be. To balance detail and substance is not easy but when done well, the results are astounding.

How has this help me prepare for the 2012 PRSSA National Conference? While attending national events, there seems to be a public relations switch in my head. It flips on and the details that may normally stop my momentum, keeps me going, like the energizer bunny. Public Relations practices are all around us, we just need to recognize them as such.

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