Creativity waiting to happen!

Sometimes a problem is solved the easiest by staying up all night and adding caffeine. It amazes me how many public relations ideas have come to me in the dead of night. Many times I feel like I am going to swim through all of them!

PRSSA students at Utah Valley University are offered grants to go on engaged learning trips. Stephen Whyte, our advisor organizes a trip each semester. In the fall UVU sends a delegation to the national conference and in the spring we send a smaller delegation on agency visits. When you accept the grant there are several requirements you are expected to meet. This year we are required to blog a certain number of times.

Before the conference we are supposed to talk about our preparation. Truthfully, these are wide parameters but I have had the worst case of writers block. I could not think of one thing to say an hour ago. Now I feel as if the flood gates are open. I finally have called in my pinch hitter, my clutch player. Somehow when your back is against a deadline something finally sparks. Sometimes it means “No Sleep Tonight.”

I am not saying it happens every time. If only. In fact, sometimes these ideas are downright awful. But once in a while you will hit one out of the park. I think we can all agree, there are few better feelings than that.

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