Kevin Saghy served as a past PRSSA president. Working for the Chicago Cubs, he has built their network to include more than one million Facebook fans and 170,000 Twitter followers since 2010. He is also serving as an advisory board member for the Plank Center for the Leadership in Public Relations. Other clients include Geek Squad, FedEx, Dyson, Kellogg Company, State Street Corp. and Ketchum’s visibility teams.

Below are 10 leadership tips Kevin shared:

  1. Honesty and transparency
  2. Set a strategy and corresponding goals.
  3. Help members understand how their work fits into the big picture.
  4. Get buy-in beforehand→ while planning a new campaign, make sure everyone works to build the plan or idea.
  5. Find what motivates your member.
  6. Spoiler alert: People like to be heard.
  7. How do you run your meeting?
  8. Cast your ego aside and learn from those around you.
  9. Own up to your mistakes.
  10. These two words cannot be said enough: Thank you!

They are not easy things but as you try to incorporate them into your practice, you will find more support from your followers. As you practice, you will inevitably make mistakes but now is the time to be learning from them. At this point in our careers, mistakes are not worth millions of dollars. Gain all the internship and leadership experience you can.

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