Since I was little, I love airports. You have the opportunity to travel to almost anywhere in the world. They represent freedom, excitement and fun. Even with an understanding of public relations, you may be wondering how an airport is like a boilerplate.

A boilerplate is not supposed to change often. It gives a reporter or anyone reading it, a brief explanation of the organization/company and may include some history. Now, think back to your last visit to the airport. Did you walk around very long? Did you look around at all?

When I walk around the Portland, OR (PDX) airport, I feel like I have finally made it home. From the loud green and purple carpet to the gag gifts you would only find in the Pacific Northwest, I know I am home. (Most of these gifts celebrate the never ending rain in one way or another.) There is even a Nike store in the airport! After leaving PDX, you will find billboards all over town saying, “Keep Portland Weird.” The airport, personifies the area

Arizona celebrates its history of flight through both the first and second World Wards.

I would like to walk you through another airport that I am not so familiar with. The Phoenix, AZ airport is beautiful. While slowly walking around I learned they were celebrating 100 years of statehood with an art exhibit.  I also got a feel for the Native American art that was on display and on sale in many of the gift shops. If you felt the need, they would also sell you a cactus!

Each airport gives you a feel for the surrounding area, just as the boilerplate of a press release gives you a feel for the company or organization. Isn’t it funny how everything seems to come back to public relations?

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