When I first started college, I was bound and determined to graduate with an exercise science degree and proceed to physical therapy school. Why physical therapy? Sports have always been an obsession. What could be more enticing than the thrill of competition, the heart aches from losses and even the pain associated with training?

After three years, I decided that my current pursuit did not fit the lifestyle I wanted. After switching to public relations, I found a better way to feed my sports obsession. Instead of working one-on-one with injured athletes, I would work with the fans. Everyone from the out-of-state fan to the die hard fan, each identifying with their team’s wins and losses. After all, it is not easy being an fan. At the 2012 PRSSA National Conference, they will hold a breakout session where students will hear from:

I hope to learn how each of these presenters found themselves immersed in the world of sports. I am also curious to learn the differences of perspective in regards to marketing and public relations; two presenters work for a specific franchise. The other works for an agency that helps free agent either move around within their national sports league or get drafted for the first time.

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