When creating your personal brand it is essential to include your personality! This may sound obvious but I have noticed that many companies, large and small, have neglected the biggest part of who they are. They may have a “face” for their organization but that is all their spokesperson is. When creating your personal brand you are sharing a part of your life in which you are an expert. While sharing your knowledge you are sharing some of your strengths, your voice and your passion.

  • What are your strengths? Here are just a couple of examples:
    • How are your writing abilities?
    • Are you able to start a conversation with anyone?
    • Do you enjoy planning special events?
  • What kind of voice do you have? If you are more animated then video might be your medium. If you are a good print writer then you may choose to write as if your words will be printed for generations to come. One thing to keep in mind, many of the books I have read recently like Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion or The New Rules of Marketing and PR, have developed much of their content online in blogs. By posting they are able to engage the audience and get their feedback before the book is printed. (Here is a link to Gary Vaynerchuk’s web page about his book: http://crushitbook.com/about-the-book/)
  • Where does your passion lay?
    • What kind of cause/business do you get fired up and want to join?
    • In your spare time what do you choose to do?

So you can all see my Goofy side I have included a picture from my trip to the PRSSA national conference. On Tuesday my chapter went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and took many different pictures, this is one of them.

PR Lessons Learned from Adventure Island
Showing suprise and fear when my life is not actually on the line.

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