I realize this sounds a bit strange. When I took anatomy at Utah Valley University our professor took great joy at throwing as many questions as possible because if we didn’t know the answer we were expected to look it up. Then we would know it and be one step closer to getting ready for the test. For this process to take place we had to first realize we didn’t know the answer. My father did the same thing when I was a kid, if I didn’t know what a word meant I had to go look it up.

During the PRSSA national conference I attended many professional development breakout sessions. I spent most of my time listening to the speaker and jotting things down to look up later. Some were books that the presenter would recommend others were asking a rhetorical question and I wouldn’t know the answer. Examples are:

  • International Public Relations: What are the cultural norms for the country you are working with? Keep in mind that there are cultural norms that surround the exchange of business cards.
  • Local Public Relations: What special events are happening in my area? Is there some place I can help out so I can gain some experience with special event planning and execution?
  • Any Type of Public Relations: What is happening on the local, national, and international stages?

Some questions are easier to research than others. The last question is always being asked, is relevant and must be answered every day! It is important, especially in the world of public relations to research first, only then you can ask, but an honest effort must be made.

P.S. I would recommend the national PRSSA web page as a great starting resource for public relations information pertaining to students.

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