While at this conference I had the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Geno Church who works for a company called Brains on Fire (also a book which I highly recommend)! One of the most important important things he said was that you can have a conversation on social media sites but that cannot be the only medium in which these conversations are taking place.

In Brains of Fire, the book, they clearly state this book is not a how-to guide for using social media; it is a book describing how to start a word of mouth revolution! The most important medium is still face-to-face communication. The trick is finding the people who are just as passionate as you about the same things.

Questions to get you thinking:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • How can I first find others like me that love this as much as I do or more?
  • When and how are they going to help me pass the word along so the movement can spread?

When you find something you are truly passionate about you are then able to go the extra mile with just a little work. This is described on the Brains on Fire blog, posted on October 19th. I challenge you this week to take your customer service one step further. They give the example of sending a personal confirmation e-mail. What are some things you can do to go the extra mile?

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