If you have stumbled onto this page or have deliberately looked to find me, I welcome you! I hope we can all embark on this journey together. My great loves are people, sports and the great out doors. Why are these things important and what do they have to do with public relations?

  • People hold stories, it doesn’t matter if these stories or true or made up, they are a part of our genetic make up. We have a desire to share and be close to one another. Never be afraid to stop a complete stranger and make them your friend.
  • Sporting events are unpredictable, you never know when a kid learning to kick a soccer ball will finally bend their knee so the ball with travel further (I speak from experience, I was that kid!). It is impossible to know how much of a game will be left up to the human element, that desire to win and be the best.
  • The great outdoors holds mystery and challenges, just by being there. Yes, I am that girl who has to climb the mountain just because I can and it was there. I promise you that if you go explore the world, outside of the city you will learn something about yourself you never knew before. I also promise you that you can never fully appreciate a view until you have gone the distance and earned the right. A screen cannot really take you there.

For the last two semesters I have sat in class being told I need to find my passion. There they are! Just like the great out doors, I recognize the challenges that come to public relations. Just like a sporting event my message to the world must compete with many other messages and many of those messages are better written and hold the experience of many more years. My hope is to find some people out there who can relate to what I have to say then challenge my work. Finally, public relations is listening to, learning from and loving people.

This is my journey through the remainder of school at Utah Valley University. Keep wandering on and I hope our paths cross again!

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